Men’s Suits Perfect Color Selection


Suits are a standard dress code for many men. They are useful for official purposes, in parties or any other occasions where decency is necessary. Unfortunately, most men have no idea of what looks good and what does not look good when it comes to suits. So, how do they decide what color to choose?

Picking the perfect color for men’s suits

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Black is the most preferred shade, be it workplace or a place of prayer. However, when worn with the right shirt, one may appear immaculate and modern in a party or a get-together.

Dark grey

Dark grey is most suitable for business owing to its powerful look. A shirt of any shade will compliment this suit.

Navy blue

Dark/navy Blue tends to be “average.” You will blend-in with the crowd in a navy blue suit, something you may, or may not wish to do. It is safe to wear for virtually any occasion. If you are fair your skin is fair, you will need to wear a darker colored shirt.


Men rarely consider brown suitsĀ suitable for the business world. Men’s suits in brown are usually reserved for social wear along with tweed jackets etc. White can look fantastic in the correct setting or occasion.


Grey Suits in lighter hue are best suited for summers or when the weather is a bit stuffy. They look fine with any light greysuitvsdbfhjgkhl;lkmbvnccolored shirt if you do not have a fair complexion. Darker shirts would go well with fair men.

So you need to consider a few factors when deciding what color is best. Decide when you will be wearing the suit. Is it mainly for business or social use? Does it suit your complexion and do you wish to stand out , blend in or hide? No matter what color of suit you choose, always make sure you are comfortable with your decision. Bring someone along with you to get honest feedback while you try suits on – good feedback will ensure you choose something right for you and make you feel great. Whenever you go shopping for your suits, carry your wife along as she will help you decide the best. Having the above ideas, always pick yourself the best suit color. Ensure it suits you or your day.…